QPA businesses have an impeccable safety record based on a strong safety culture reinforced by our safety policies and non-negotiables, behavioural based leadership program, highly tailored safety procedures and award winning safety innovations.

At QPA, safety is a core value. Our job is to complete every project incident and injury free. Our management team creates a culture in which all employees have the opportunity and responsibility to take ownership for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.

We’ve always held the belief that our most valuable asset – what truly sets us apart – is our employees. There is nothing more important than our employees coming home safely.

Every project, environment and community in which we work is unique and safety must be designed in accordance with the nuances and fit for that particular location. Effective and consistent communication supported by strong visual aids and video demonstrations is critical for safety engagement by local workforces.

Our teams ensure safety is managed through project specific Health & Safety Management Plans, detailing the training, communication and reporting requirements of safety managers and ambassadors. Our Fitness for Work policy ensures workers adopt a holistic approach to safety, maintaining awareness of their physical and mental states at all times.

Throughout our projects from initial inductions and meetings through to project conclusion we constantly consult with workers, subcontractors, vendors and clients to ensure all stakeholders understand and commit to the same health and safety goals and initiatives.

In order to reach the goal of ZERO incidents, our leaders must drive the safety initiatives. Our objective is to develop robust and diverse workforces that are skilled, capable and sustainable for the safe and successful completion of every project.


Quanta Power Australia takes mental health seriously. We know it is critical for a safe, productive and sustainable workforce.

Each year, QPA company Nacap donates $70,000 to support Mates in Construction (MIC), which delivers Mental Health Awareness training for all employees on every project. As part of this awareness training, Mates in Construction also train Connectors who assist with identifying people in trouble and encouraging workers to seek professional support.

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Sustainability measures that enhance and protect our environment are embedded in QPA’s business strategy. From design to procurement and construction we identify opportunities for environmental preservation and efficiencies that minimise use of materials, energy and water.

Our goal is to ensure our design and construction techniques work to minimise our footprint, preserve our planet and serve many generations to come.

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    QPA company Nacap fauna management initiatives have been incorporated as best practice in the Australian Pipelines and Gas Associations Code on Environmental Practice.

      Consolidated Power Projects

      In 2018, QPA company Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) became a founding signatory of the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Developments. The charter is a voluntary set of commitments that reflects our commitment to advance and develop projects in a socially responsible way.

        Fort McMurray West 500kV Transmission Project

        QPA company Valard co-authored (in partnership with Atco Electric) and implemented a Caribou Protection Plan, approved by Alberta Environment and Parks, to prioritise and support regional monitoring and habitat restoration for the critically endangered species.

        Our goal
        is to ensure our design and construction techniques work to minimise our footprint while maintaining an impeccable safety record.